Result Manager


3ischools offers provide comprehensive evaluations system for all assessment patterns. It evaluates the student’s performance throughout the year. Separate scholastic and co-scholastic categories allow you to share the required information automatically with students, parents and teachers through 3ischools. It allows teachers, school and parents to comprehensively assess the performance of a particular student through visual graphs.

  • Support for year group I to XII
    Dynamic assessment compliance for the complete School, from year group I to XII.
  • Comprehensive Reporting & Statistics
    Teachers can generate report cards after each FA or SA assessment and detailed consolidated report in Excel or PDF for any subject, section, student or class.
  • Auto-Grading According to Marks
    Dynamic grading system in 3ischools makes the required calculations to award automatic grades according to grade scale.
  • Auto-Check
    3ischools is an intelligent system that auto checks the marks being entered to ensure that right marks are being filled.
  • Configure Co-Scholastic Categories & Indicators
    3ischools offers you a dedicated configuration panel to define and customize co-scholastic categories, sub categories and indicators.
  • Support for Sub-Assessments in FA
    3ischools gives you freedom to define multiple sub-assessments (notebook, pen-pencil test etc.) for any formative subject.
  • Assign weightages to multiple Sub-Assessments
    You can assign unique weightage to sub-assessments for any formative subject.
  • Comparative Graphical Assessments
    Visualizer allows you to perform comparative analysis of assessment according to class, subject for either teacher or student.