Admission Manager

Admission Manager helps streamlining every admission function. It permits both online and over-the-counter filing

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  • Allows online registration
  • Can create waiting list, rejection list and qualified list of registered students.
  • Short-listing the candidates is fast and easy.
  • Upload student’s photo, certificates.
  • Smart ID card issuance to every student.
  • Assign roll numbers and sections to the students.
  • Auto promote and re-admission of old eligible students to new class.

Online Admission

Online Admissions provides you a single platform to publish, collect & manage applications online and reach out to wider

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  • Single platform to publish, collect & manage applications online.
  • Reach out to wider audience through public portals by 3ischools.
  • Candidates can apply anytime and from anywhere.
  • Helps you to easily create eligibility criteria and effectively communicate it to interested applicants.

Result Manager

3ischools offers dynamic assessment compliance and also provide comprehensive evaluations system for

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  • Dynamic assessment compliance for the complete School.
  • Award automatic grades to students according to grade scale.
  • Allows you to perform comparative analysis of assessment according to class, subject for either teacher or student.


Futuristic solution for schools that allows them to make communication between teachers, parents, students and

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  • Single-click delivery of message to recipient group.
  • Schedule sending messages (SMS, e-mails) in advance.
  • Sends fee reminders automatically to the student and parent on your scheduled days
  • Can be scheduled to send general alerts such as holidays, birthdays, immediate news etc.

Smart Library

Smart Library is an innovative solution that is an invaluable tool for any librarian. It is designed best to catalog, search and

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  • Smart library offers you advanced cataloging according to internationally recognized DDC system.
  • Book tags & smart ID cards to automate the book issuance process.
  • Book shelf management transforms to a more orderly library.
  • Automate alert and detection of stolen books.
  • Members can send a hold request for book.
  • Manage fine on late return.

Attendance Tracker

An attendance-tracking interface, which records the present and absent students. It also contributes to staff, student and

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  • Track and record student attendance automatically through RFID/bio-metric machine.
  • Provision for online submission/approval of leave application.
  • Auto-differentiates absentees and on leave students & teachers.
  • Surveillance of all dark spots (washrooms etc.) ensure child safety in school premises with smart ID cards.
  • Send alerts to parents regarding absence of the child.


Homework, offer a secure & centralized way for teachers to share any type of work like exercises, assignments &

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  • Teachers can assign homework directly from their mobile/web application.
  • Can upload worksheets/assignments in multiple formats.
  • Immediate notification to students/parents for new homework/assignment.
  • Students/parents can access information from anywhere through web login or mobile app.
  • Absent students will also get notifications for homework/assignment.


Messenger is a powerful but flexible internal chat system. It lubricates the vital process of personal communication

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  • Keep complete record of the communication for future reference.
  • Teachers can share their feedback about the student with parents.
  • Intelligently sends in-app message to mobile app users and SMS to non-app users.


Powerful calendar-based school/inter-school event management program.

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  • Schools can create and manage their own event calendar.
  • Efficiently organize, share and manage school, inter-school, inter zonal activities.
  • Allows you to upload photographs for a particular event.
  • Generate customized visual reports of every event through Visualizer.


Calendar is intuitive school calendar, which supports a visually rich interface.

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  • Track multiple school events including, academic schedule, events, activities, exams and holidays.
  • Allows you to schedule personal and inter-personal reminders in real time.
  • Allows you to categorize as well as selectively view exams, events, activities, competition and holidays in the calendar.


Dashboard is an intuitive feature that works as a school as well as a public notice board for the school.

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  • Displays important announcements, updates, events, news from school.
  • Every student and teacher will be able to see notifications about announced exams/results.
  • Sends notifications about declared holidays, news, meetings, functions etc.
  • Shows notifications about ongoing activities and events within the school.


Powerful student examination management tool, which supports automatic publish

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  • Create and schedule exams.
  • Teachers can submit and save marks for their particular class, subject or section for final evaluation.
  • Create and customize multiple grading scale system.
  • Issue report card to students as per board guidelines.

School Curricular

The curriculum can be viewed or downloaded at any time

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  • Upload your school or class wise curriculum in a single click.
  • Drag and drop files for easy attachment.
  • Allow you to keep records for future use or reference.

Smart Time Table

Smart Time-Table features a vital, yet simple interface, specifically designed to automatic scheduling

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  • Facilitates to generate time table in a user friendly interface.
  • Can edit generated time table with a click.
  • Teacher, class, day & period wise view time table.
  • Real time view of running period.
  • View free classes and teachers.
  • Integrated with leave approval system to track absent teachers.
  • Do adjustments and alert respective teachers.

Transport Manager

This robust yet multipurpose application can be molded to the exact requirements of individual institutions thereby maximizing

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  • Seamlessly integrated with GPS which allows parents/school to track real time bus location through Android/iPhone Apps.
  • Transport Manager controls route details, pickup & drop points, vehicle allocation and generates daily/cumulative reports etc.
  • Co-ordinates can be given to a boarding point by using map view.
  • Integrate with fee manager for transport fee.
  • Instant access to list of commuters for a particular bus.

Workforce Governor

Proficient workforce management engine optimized for educational institutions. Incorporating a

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  • Sends important notifications instantly to your staff or teachers.
  • Keep and efficiently manage detailed records of required personal data of your staff.
  • Your can issue smart id cards to staff for automatic attendance which will be automatically tracked through Attendance Tracker.

Fee Manager

Fee management intelligence solution vigilantly conceived to offer ingenious streaming of related data effortlessly for

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  • Schools can assign fee particulars in the interface on basis of class and category etc.
  • Automatically manage penalties for late payments.
  • Apply concession/additional fee to individual students.
  • Generate classwise reports for defaulters.
  • Fee reminders or notifications as per preset inputs.