We are Digitech, your friend and a company that focuses on digital technologies to enrich lives. We don't offer what everyone can, at Digitech we always come out with something unique and innovative which differentiates our products in matter of utility, performance and user experience. We are actively focusing on producing highly efficient products for education, therefore we are innovating new requirement specific concepts and are tirelessly working towards high-end customer service.
Yes, it is an online software that works just like your Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Schools have various processes that are either overlapped or work simultaneously (for e.g. admission and fees), so we needed to create a solution that seamlessly integrates every process of schools and at the same time connects teachers, students and parents to the school. Now, the only way to do it was to develop a online work environment . On the other hand the nature of the product is such that it require constant updates according to the ever-changing education environment and so unlike offline software, you need not to call our technical people every time you want changes to be implemented. It also gives us the flexibility to continuously introduce new updates and features as soon as the board introduces changes in the education setup (CCE for e.g.). Apart from that, perhaps the biggest advantage of it being online is that it is hardware independent so you do not have to worry about hardware requirements, viruses or losing your data as you often do in case of offline software.
No there are no hidden charges, the price that you pay for 3ischools is one time cost and there are no hidden costs involved as with other school management products out there in the market.
Yes, we provide year round maintenance for 3ischools which is known as a SAAS Term, comprising of 12 months. It brings along all the services you obtain with AMC's but in addition to that you also get software upgrades, patches, training programs, regular visits by technical people, timely updates, live help and much more. But as we hate overburdening schools, so compared to AMC's that you end up paying for other management software you only need to pay a very nominal SAAS Term fee to us. At the same time it gives you the freedom to stop using the software if in case you are not fully satisfied by our product or our services.
School ERP software are generally designed by a handful of inexperienced people who do not invest in R&D or follow proper coding standards or have any kind quality control on the development. There aim is to push this system handful of schools within their geographical reach at an exorbitant price, so as to recover the cost. On the other hand, 3ischools is a premium unique product being created end to end by an experienced software development company 'Digitech Software Solutions (P) Ltd'. Being an efficiently organized company allows us to not only keep our development cost down but invest heavily in R&D. At the same time our market strategy and distribution channels allows us to distribute the cost of the software among thousands of schools across the globe making 3ischools affordable for a single schools.
3ischools is more of a smart tool rather than an software, which means that you are able to customize the software according to your school needs. It is the first ever truly integrated whole school management solution for schools coupled with our world-class customer support and data security. It efficiently connects students, parents and teachers to a seamlessly integrated school life. It is the first ever-online school academic system with administrative management solution built into it. Connected through a common interface and by using a common communication language, it tightly integrates all tasks, functions and activities across all functional departments be it academic or administrative to a degree never witnessed before.
Not at all, in fact it is so easy to use that it does not even need any training. We sincerely believe that software should not be intimidating, it should be friendly and easy to use and with 3ischools we took everything to a whole new level. We designed, re-designed, worked and re-worked on the user experience so many times that our designers almost quit us.
Are you serious, you really want us to negotiate on an already insultingly low price? We don't believe in exploding the price to increase our profits. We believe in distributing the price benefit to all and so unlike other unethical companies we keep our margins low to a point were we are able to recover our development cost, pay for our expenses, give you constant support and are able to constantly improve our product through R&D.
Well because you can see the product yourself, use it, experience it. Its not just plain talk it is a fully operational solution that has proved its metal, go to our website search out the schools that our running 3ischools and get in touch with them (you won't be disappointed). We believe in building relationships, for us you are more important than even our product and so we never make false claims or ship out something that we don't believe in ourselves or are not fully satisfied with.