Homework, offer a secure & centralized way for teachers to share any type of work like exercises, assignments & worksheets with students. It’s simple & easy interface allows teachers to create & manage information in multiple formats. The teacher can also upload information as picture, pdf & doc files on the cloud which is available to students for download through web & mobile apps after secure login.

  • Simple & Easy Interface
    It’s easy to create and manage interface allows teachers to post homework/ assignment to students of their class of respective subject.
  • Multiple format documents
    The teacher can share/upload any document such as word doc, power point presentation or PDF document without any extra effort. Teacher can also share it by clicking pictures, if mobiles are allowed in the classrooms.
  • Ease of Access through web/mobile Apps
    This feature ensures that a student stays connected with the class by means of smart communication and he never miss his homework/assignment even if he/she missed the class.