Attendance Tracker


Best Attendance Tracker School is an attendance-tracking interface, which records the present and absent students. It also contributes to staff, student and faculty management. So now, you can obtain a percentage of presence annually, monthly or on daily basis and can also generate visual reports for the same. Fully compatible with Easy Student Attendance School smart-card badges and biometric devices, Attendance Tracker offers predetermined periodic self-checking of individual attendance records and if required can Best Automatic Student Attendance School send e-alerts to parent/guardian on their ward’s regularity. Attendance Tracker can be seamlessly integrated with payroll master to automatically generate salary details.

  • Automatic Student Attendance
    You can track and record student attendance automatically through RFID/bio-metric or other available input devices.
  • Employee/Teacher Turnout
    You can track and record staff attendance effortlessly from bio-metric devices.
  • Easy Student Attendance
    In case you are filling attendance manually you only need to mark attendance of absent students and it auto-differentiates absentees and on leave students.
  • Staff/Student Leave Application & Approval
    Attendance Tracker also facilitates you to generate leave forms and alerts the concerned person/teacher for approval.
  • Staff’s Day Report
    It auto records the activities of the staff on daily basis and you can generate reports at the end of the day.
  • Edit and View Holiday Schedules
    Calendar shows you the pre-planned holidays and allows you to update it in case of sudden declaration of holidays.
  • Exam Scheduler Compatibility
    The system is compatible with different attendance format during exams and works in the same manner.
  • Compatible with Input Devices
    Attendance Tracker is fully compatible with smart-cards and bio-metric systems that allows you to record attendance automatically.
  • Alerts
    Send alerts through Alerter to parents regarding absence of the child in the form of SMS’s or e-mails for enhanced security of the students.

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