Online-Admission Manager

Online-Admission Manager

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  • January 13, 2021

Admission Manager helps in every admission function. It permits both online and off-line filing of applications. We can easily and quickly shortlist the students who all are eligible through the admission manager in the ERP school system, not just in the application stage but this system helps us in each aspect and steps in the whole admission process from application to ID-Cards and management. Below are the different areas where ERP- the schools’ smart solutions help us as follows:-

  • Pre- Admission Screening:- The best ERP- schools system provide us with not just a simple admission process but it emphasis on each step, starting from the basic it helps us in pre-admission screening for short listing the eligible students with just a few clicks These tools allow us to filter the right person for us.


  • Admission Applications: The Best School Online Admission Application allow everyone to apply any time and from anywhere by minimizing the time of processing by making the process available 24*7 for all the applicants till the last date of applications. There are no geographical boundaries; it allows everyone to apply with a single click which eliminates the hustle.


  • Cost and Eco-friendly Admission process:- The traditional method of the admission process required lots of paperwork as different forms need to be submitted and attachments of documents are required, which is not eco-friendly at this era, but with the coming of the ERP-solutions, there is more emphasis on environment saving and time managing solutions. so this system is a cost and eco-friendly Best Online Admission School method of admission for both school administration and parents.


  • Alerts and notifications provided:– One of the best parts of the ERP- the school solution is that it protects the administration, staff, or parents from any fraud or negligence as it provides time to time alerts and notifications for each step in the admission process.


  • Completely Customisation:As different people have different needs that may not be full filled by a standard format, so the best School ERP solution provides us with customisation, it allows us to customise our application form and other details as per our requirements.


  • Payment: – The school ERP solutions provide us a fully counter free process for fee payment, as it accepts the payment through debit/credit cards and even via demand drafts or accounts transfer.

As all schools are different so do their needs are, 3i-Schools consider all these needs and  provide us with the best of the solutions.

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