Software Highlights

SAAS Model SAAS Model

Product gives increased Scalability & anytime anywhere Accessibility with affordable Costs, Have lower learning curves and higher adoption rates.

Bus Router Bus Router

Leap towards student Safety and Accessibility of Bus on the move with integrated Bus Router and breaking barriers of conventional methods

Result Manager

Result Manager

Preparing Result made easy

3ischools offers CBSE compliant assessment and also provide comprehensive evaluations system for ICSE and other boards. It evaluates the student's performance throughout the year. Separate scholastic and co-scholastic categories allow you to share the required information automatically with students, parents and teachers through 3ischools. It allows teachers, school and parents to comprehensively assess the performance of a particular student through visual graphs.

1. Support for Classes I to Xth
CBSE compliant assessment for the complete School, from Class I to Class X.

2. Comprehensive Reporting & Statistics
Teachers can generate report cards after each FA or SA assessment and detailed consolidated report in Excel or PDF for any subject, section, student or class.

3. Auto-Grading According to Marks
Dynamic grading system in 3ischools makes the required calculations to award automatic grades according to grade scale.

4. Auto-Check
3ischools is an intelligent system that auto checks the marks being entered to ensure that right marks are being filled.

5. Configure Co-Scholastic Categories & Indicators
3ischools offers you a dedicated configuration panel to define and customize co-scholastic categories, sub categories and indicators.

6. Support for Sub-Assessments in FA
3ischools gives you freedom to define multiple sub-assessments (notebook, pen-pencil test etc.) for any formative subject.

7. Assign weightages to multiple Sub-Assessments
You can assign unique weightage to sub-assessments for any formative subject.

8. Comparative Graphical Assessments
Visualizer allows you to perform comparative analysis of assessment according to class, subject for either teacher or student.