Software Highlights

SAAS Model SAAS Model

Product gives increased Scalability & anytime anywhere Accessibility with affordable Costs, Have lower learning curves and higher adoption rates.

Bus Router Bus Router

Leap towards student Safety and Accessibility of Bus on the move with integrated Bus Router and breaking barriers of conventional methods



Most advanced chat messenger for schools

Messenger is a powerful but flexible internal chat system. It lubricates the vital process of personal communication between the school, teachers, parent and students so as to truly connect them to the school. Each record contains information of the entire communication organized in the form of threads, which allows the authorized users to view and understand communications easily. This powerful new feature will give flexibility to teachers and parents to frequently talk to each other about the concerned student, share comments, put remarks, schedule meetings etc.

1. Back Track the Whole Communication
Keep complete record of the communication for the purpose of future reference by authorized person.

2. Teacher/Parents Feedback
Teachers can share their feedback about the student with parents confidentially through Messenger. In the same way, parents can discuss the crucial issues regarding the students with teachers.

3. Schedule Meetings
Messenger provides flexibility to parents and teachers to schedule one to one meetings either online or in person.

4. No Malpractice
Now, teachers can send notices directly to parents through Messenger, so that no complaint against the child or feedback can be hidden from parents. Moreover it eliminates the chances of miss communication which allows a teacher and a parent to efficiently discuss problems, concerns and behaviors trends of a concerned student.

5. SMS Notifications
Important & Instant information can be sent to teachers/parents as a SMS notification by integrating with SMS API gateway. Furthermore, it saves your money intelligently by sending in-app message to mobile app users and SMS to non-app users. Schools can filter the recipient list by their attendance status.