Transport Manager


Transport Manager module is the result of lending our ears to what transportation professionals desired in routing and planning software. This robust yet multipurpose application can be molded to the exact requirements of individual institutions thereby maximizing efficiency and ensuring a quick return on the investment. Transport Manager generates traveler details (distinguishing employees, teachers and students), pickup points, dues, defaulters, vehicle allocation, insurance statuses and daily/cumulative reports etc. It can also be seamlessly integrated with GPS which allows you to check the current position of the bus through satellite maps in real-time basis.

  • Route Management
    It performs complete route management and you need to specify routes only once.
  • Manage Stop Settings
    Distribute pick-up and drop points for drivers and students on online satellite maps.
  • Real-Time Status Tracking
    Parents and school administrator can track the status of bus through satellite maps on real time basis.
  • Buses Schedules
    Manage bus schedules and notify all about the cancellation or alteration in the route plan or time schedule through Alerter.
  • Contractor/Owner/Drivers Details
    You can keep profiles containing details of contractor, owners and drivers for security purposes and school records. This information will also be visible to parents for their respective bus.
  • Vehicle Allocation
    Allows you to efficiently manage vehicle allocation according to route and density of students in a particular area.
  • Daily/Cumulative Vehicle Minutia
    It facilitates you to maintain vehicle minutia on daily and cumulative basis facilitating efficient control.
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Details
    It store vitals details about a particular vehicle and facilitates you with service details, accident particulars, tax information, insurance facts etc.
  • Visual Report
    You can generate visual reports regarding any activity for particular time or a selected time span through Visualizer.