Smart Library


Smart Library is an innovative solution that is an invaluable tool for any librarian. It is designed to catalogue, search and circulate entire library collection including books, CDs, videotapes, DVDs, documents. It is designed to help you in managing members/patron information, keeping track of the library circulation data, managing fine transactions, generating missing/damaged material Schools Library Member Card reports and much more. Smart Library is programmed to use smart-card as a membership card, eliminating the need of a separate library card. Smart Library can also send alerts on due dates of return as well as new arrivals coupled with its versatility in permitting public search through multiple “search” options.

  • Advanced Cataloguing
    Smart Library offers you advanced cataloguing according to internationally recognized DDC.
  • Library Member Card
    It enables you to use existing smart id cards as library membership cards. As these smart-cards are already being used as school ID’s, bus cards and to track attendance it eliminates the need of carrying separate cards.
  • Control Member Privileges
    You hold the administrative rights to edit and change information, it even enables you to easily control privileges and rights given to the members.
  • Material Reservation
    Smart Library offers its members to reserve library materials for them before their arrival. Students can send a hold request for any book that will be updated automatically in the system.
  • Accept/Collect/Renew Issues
    Perform day-to-day library activities online and keep record of every issuance.
  • Circulation Management Alert System
    Smart Library sends out the required alerts on circulation of library materials.
  • Damage and Missing Book Report
    It allows you to generate reports of damage and missing materials reports.
  • Fee/Fine Collection
    Smart Library automatically calculates and reports the total fee and fine collection.
  • Search Member
    Search complete member profile anytime from database in a single-click.
  • Public Search Area
    Public search area is designed for library members to search books and see new arrivals in the library. If required the public search can also be made online.
  • Auto Copy Generation
    When it comes to inventory records of the library, system is capable of generating copies of single book automatically, saving you from the mundane task of entering the details all over again.
  • Smart Cards & Gates
    Smart Library is programmed to use smart-card(ID card) as a membership card, eliminating the need of a separate library card. Automatic RFID gates installed at the library exit can stop theft of books & will raise alarm as someone try to do so. Smart card readers can also be installed to issue/receipt of the books.