School Curricular


Schools can upload the year round syllabus for every class. The curriculum can be viewed or downloaded at any time by students, parents or teachers in their respective login panel. The curriculum can be also be archived to be used for the next year and can be reviewed, edited or added at any time of year.

  • Upload Curriculum
    Upload your school or class wise curriculum in a single click.
  • Drag and Drop Operation
    Drag and drop files for easy attachment, which makes it more convenient to upload heavy files in a stint.
  • Supports Range of Files Formats
    Upload curriculum in one or multiple files in any kind of format including sound clips and pictures. You can add video clips, audio clips, word doc, power point presentations, lectures, speeches or even website links.
  • Review, Add or Edit
    You can review, add or edit curriculum files at any time during the year.
  • Virtual Cabinet archives
    Virtual cabinet archives in the School Curricular allow you to keep records for future use or reference.
  • Visibility to all
    School Curriculum can be viewed and referred by the student, teacher, and parent at any time of the year, but only admin can introduce changes or additions to it.