Fee Manager


We are presenting you a superior fee management intelligence solution vigilantly conceived to offer ingenious streaming of related data effortlessly for the scrutiny of authorized personnel at all times. It simplifies the strenuous task of manual fee administration. Apart from aiding financial recording, Fee Administrator monitors every fee receipt-old, current, as well as those that needs to be issued in the future. It maintains a comprehensive record of dues/receipts under relevant heads, highlights fee defaulters or excesses credited. Through Alerter it can send reminders SMS’s, e-mails to the parents. It also provides a summary of fees collected at any point of time or over a specified period as well. It allows parents to transfer fee online through Netbanking/CC/DC.

  • Master Fee Settings
    Dynamic interface of 3ischools allows you to set master fee settings.
  • Create Unlimited Fee Particulars
    Schools can assign fee particulars in the interface on basis of school, class, division, category etc.
  • Flexible Settings
    With 3ischools you enjoy flexibility of fee assignment according to your specifications like class wise and facilities-wise.
  • Manage Penalties
    You often need to add penalties to admission fee. 3ischools picks up the previous penalties for you automatically from the previous record of the student.
  • Deductions/Concessions
    Similar to the penalties, you can set annual deductions or allot concessions to entire class or individuals.
  • Manage Fee Refunds
    Keep record and track of fee refunds right in the fee sheets by customizing the settings in the fee particulars.
  • Advance Fee Remittance Option
    3ischools gives you advanced options for fee remittance for special cases applicable for the current financial year.
  • Generate Item-wise Receipts
    Generate fee receipts according to the class, section, student, item or category you want to specify.
  • Fee Collection Summary
    It automatically creates history so that you can obtain complete fee collection details as well as the total summary on basis of number of items you want to add to the same.
  • Generate Daily Reports
    You can generate through Visualizer detailed visual reports on daily basis or for a particular time period.
  • Fee Notifications
    Schools can send fee reminders or notifications for dues/payments through e-mails, e-board and SMS alerts through Alerter.
  • Multi-point Access
    You are provided with multi-point access for multiple point fee collection so that you can put multiple people having limited privileges to easily handle large volumes of inflow.
  • Compatible with Net-Banking
    You can easily incorporate net banking for online payments in the fee management system, which allows working parents to pay fee through credit cards.
  • Integrated with Admission Manager
    Integrated with Admission Manager, it automatically picks up the applicable fee structures and concession (for e.g. in case of any sibling it automatically applies sibling discount)