Dashboard is an intuitive feature that works as a school as well as a public notice board for the school. Unlike the notice board in the school, this virtual dashboard acts as a common notice board visible to the whole school but at the same time acts as a private notice board for a teacher, student and parent, showing only the relevant notices to each. Dashboard is seamlessly connected with the Alerter allowing it to display news and events from Activites, exam dates from Examination, holidays from Calendars, important announcements, school alerts, birthday wishes and notices etc.

  • Common Notice Board for School
    School gets an online notice board, that will be visible to everyone in their personal login area. It displays important announcements, updates, events, news from school to all people connected to the schools network.
  • Personal Notice Board
    Every student, parent and teacher will get his or her own personal dashboard in their panel where notices will reach only to the concerned person and so will not be view able to others. This dashboard is also integrated with Alerter to display the important/urgent alerts like attendance shortage, timetable/schedule changes.
  • Connected to Exam Scheduler
    Dashboard is connected to Examination so every student and teacher will be able to see notifications about announced exams/results in their private dashboard.
  • Integrated with Fee Administrator
    Dashboard is also connected to Fee Manager and can sends fee reminders and notices to the Private Dashboards of students and parents.
  • Connected to Calendar
    Dashboard is connected to Calendar and so sends notifications about declared holidays, news, meetings, functions etc. to the concerned people.
  • Integrated with Activities
    Dashboard is integrated with Activities that shows notifications about ongoing activities and events within the school and also inter-school events from other school. It also displays names of the winners and performances on the Public Dashboard.
  • Integrated with Smart Library
    Integrated with Smart Library, Dashboard can also intimate about arrival of new books. It will also alerts the students for late book returns.