Calendar is intuitive school calendar, which supports a visually rich interface that allows users to track multiple school schedules, academics, events, activities and holidays. Unlike many other scheduling applications, Calendar offers a variety of different calendar views, real time scheduling and the ability to schedule personal and inter-personal reminders. The Calendar shows user specific calendars for different category of users for example student, teacher, parent etc. It allows users to add resources, which can be exams, events, activities, competition, holidays etc. Users can also view a separate schedule for each resource, but the best part is they can label the resource as school, teacher, parent or student. Above all, every student and teacher can schedule their own calendar and share it with individuals or groups.

  • Track Multiple Events
    Calendar allows users to track multiple school events including, academic schedule, events, activities, exams and holidays.
  • Share Calendars
    Teachers, parents and students can create their own personal calendars, add meeting or events and share it by an inviting individual or groups to attend it.
  • User Specific Calendars
    It shows school, teacher, parent and student only the specific calendars dates, events, holidays, activities, seminars that are related to them. This simplifies the calendar and makes it more relevant to the user.
  • Different Calendar Views
    By activating variety of different calendar views you have the option of viewing and organizing the calendar according to your own personal preference.
  • Personal Calendar
    Calendar allows you to schedule personal and inter-personal reminders in real time doubling up as a powerful personal scheduler.
  • Resource Creation
    Resource creation allows you to categorize as well as selectively view exams, events, activities, competition and holidays in the calendar.
  • Label Resources
    Users can select an avatar to label each resource. Different avatar for parents, teachers and students helps communicate relevant schedules to the right person.