Activities is a powerful calendar-based school/inter-school event management program. Its high-tech yet user-friendly environment is simple to use and offers user-friendly interface, on-screen help menus along with a convenient user’s guide. Activities synchronizes school events and activities effortlessly. It manages school or inter-school competitions like painting, science, music, sports, cultural etc. and also evaluates individual/school/group/team-wise performances. It can handle all the school and inter school events precisely, systematically with absolute fineness and can quickly share the required details with the students of their school and even students of other participating schools.

  • Event Calendar Setup
    Schools can create and manage their own event calendar for annual events and can use Alerter to send automatic reminders to teachers, parents and students.
  • Create Activities
    Schools can create activities/competitions in various categories such as extra-curricular, academics, cultural, arts and sports.
  • Organize Activities
    It allows you to efficiently organize, share and manage school, inter-school, inter zonal activities and competitions like never before.
  • Categorize Performances
    Categorize individual, group and class-wise performance for easy registration and results.
  • Display Results
    Displays results of the competitions on Dashboard and KonnectSmart.
  • Upload Photographs
    Allows you to upload photographs for a particular event which gets shared not only through dashboard but also through KonnectSmart (public portal by 3ischools).
  • Generate Customized Reports
    Generate customized visual reports of every event through Visualizer consisting of your required particulars.