3I-Schools | Best School ERP Solution in Panchkula | School Management System in Panchkula

3I-Schools | Best School ERP Solution in Panchkula | School Management System in Panchkula

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  • March 1, 2019

School is all about different activities on daily basis, and it becomes difficult to manage all these with old and time consuming manual methods, different departments have different requirements and 3i- Online Admission Application  brings the single solution to all these problems.

3I-Schools is not only time effective but hustles free solution with multiple activities for different peoples and their needs. School can create and manage their own calendar and events just with a click.

3I-Schools offer different features for the smooth and effective functioning of the School’s activities. Don’t you believe this……? Let’s just take Learn more about this as follows:-

Calendar:-Calendar is always remains a important part in the Schools functioning, 3I-Schools offer us the calendar through we can create and track our own events including Academic sessions, Examinations, Fun-activities, Holidays and even PTM as well. It allows us to schedule different personal and inter-personal reminders for any events. It gives us the chance to categorise and selectively view exams, holiday or any other events in the calendar.

Dashboard: – Dashboard works as a public notice board for the school notifications or any announcements. Every student and parents will able to see the announcing made about any event, exams or result be rolled out. It also send the notification to everyone in Online Admission Schools Form case of any delay in the scheduled exams, events or holidays etc, and allow us to see the activities or events going on in the school currently.

Examinations: – Exams are always essential part and the most important process of the school, so there should a powerful tool to manage the examination process. 3I-Schools the best ERP solution offers this feature of examination management. These features help teachers to create and scheduled exams. Teachers can not only submit but can save the mark for their particular class, subjects or session Online Admission Schools for the final evaluation. It allows us to create and customised the grade scale according our requirements. The one of the major feature is that is issue the report card of students according to the board latest guidelines.

School Curricular:- School curricular is very important and difficult to keep record of, 3I-Schools offer this feature, in which anyone can download their school curricular according to school or class wise at any time just on a single click. Teachers can easily upload their curricular at any point of time. It allows us to keep the record for the future use or reference.

Smart Time-Table:- Time-Table is simple yet vital feature, which is specially designed to automatic scheduling. It provides us a simple platform where we can generate; edit the time table just with a single click. We will be able to check the time table according to teachers, periods, class or subject as per our own requirements. It also allows us to Schools Library Member Card view the real time running period, with a view of free class and teachers as well. It is an integrated leave approval program to track the absent students from a particular period or class, and send alerts to respective teachers for the same.

Transport Manager:- Transport management is the modern age requirement of all the parents, 3I-Schools management system provide us this feature, which is integrated with GPS, allow parents and school to track the real time location of the school transport through android or I phone both easily. This features monitor different aspect such as route details, pick-up and drop points and alerts, vehicle allocation and generate daily reports. It integrates with the Fee manager for transport fee. It provides us with the instant list of the commuters for a particular bus.

Workforce Governor: – Proficient workforce management is essential for the success of any program, 3I-Schools Automated Student Attendance allow to efficiently managing our workforce, it sends the important notifications and messages to the staff and teachers. This feature helps us to keep the detailed personal records of the staff. We can issue smart cards to our staff for automatic attendance system which will automatically tracked by the attendance tracker feature available in this.

Fee Manager: – At last but not the least, fee management is important and can be difficult to do in a school as it require time to time checking of the records and data and can easily have the scope of mistake if done manually, so 3i-Schools offers this feature to help us to maintain clean and proper fee record and manage the same. Schools can provide the fee particulars on the basis of class and category etc. Late payment is difficult to manage so these features automatically manage the penalties for the late fee depositions. It applies concessions and additional fee according to individual student record and details. It provides us with the class-wise report for the defaulters and it sends the notifications and reminders for the same.

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