3I-Schools Best school erp software

3I-Schools Best school erp software

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  • March 1, 2019

The global educational system is experiencing rapid change and growth, in terms of innovation and technologies. 3I-Schools is providing us with the solution of all modern era educational problems. It is a blend of innovation, information and intelligence ERP solution. 3i-Schools adds fluency and pace to every task of your school beginning from admissions to results. In the middle of them it accelerates and  Best School Management Software adds perfection to fee management, time tables, examination and communication between students, parents, teachers & administration.

3i-Schools have something for everyone… Still wondering what it has to offer you…….? Let just take a look at the features it provide us:-

Admission Manager:- The of the major feature of this erp solutions is to provide fully hustle free and contact less admission process specially beneficial at the time of such pandemic,it allow us the process of online registrations, can create waiting list, rejection list and qualified list of registered students. It helps us in short-listing Best School Administration Software the candidates, upload student’s photos and certificates for speedy documentation process, not only this even it can assign the roll numbers and section to the students. It is not only helpfully for new admissions not it also has Auto-promote and Re-Admission of old eligible students to new classes.

Online Admissions:-Admission is the first step towards the educational cycle, and 3I-Schools provide us a single platform for this whole process to publish, collect and manage applications online and reach out to wider audience through public portals. Students Best Schools management System can apply from anywhere and anytime. It helps us to create eligibility criteria and effectively communicate it to interested students and their parents.

Result Manager:-  3I-Schools offers dynamic assessment compliance and also provide comprehensive evaluations system for the school. It helps in accurate assessment process, Award automatic grades to students according to grade scale. It allows us to perform Comparative analysis of assessment according to class, subject of either teachers or Students.

Alerter:- The one of the unique feature of this is to provide one click alerts for different Functions and activities to all teachers, students and even parents as well. It sends fee  Reminders automatically to the students and parents on your scheduled days. We can also schedule it to send a general alerts such as Holidays, Birthdays or any immediate news etc.

Smart Library:–  It is an innovative solution that is an invaluable tool for any librarian. It Is designed best to catalogue and search. It offers you advanced cataloguing according to Internationally reorganised DDC System. It provide unique book tags and smart ID cards To  Best School Information Management automate the book insurance process. It automates Salary and detection of stolen books.Any member can send the hold request for the a book, and it even manage fine on late or No return of the book.

Attendance Tracker: – Attendance record is the major task in any institute of organisation so the it track and record student attendance automatically through RFID/bio-metric machine. It has the provision for online submission and approvals of leave application. It has Auto-Differentiates absentees and on leave students and teachers. It ensures complete child safety in school premises with smart ID cards. It automatically send alerts to parents in case of a child being absent from the school.

Homework:- This help us in reducing the stress on the pen and paper system for homework, as through this a teacher can assign homework directly from their mobile Or web applications. It can upload worksheets/assignments in multiple formats. It Immediately notify to students and parents for new homework or assignment sent.

Messenger:– Messenger is a powerful but flexible internal chat system. It lubricates the vital process of personal communication. Best School Management Application It Keep complete record of the communication for future reference. Teachers can share their feedback about the students with parents. Above are the features which will help us to understand 3I-Schools in a better way.

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