3ischools Highlights

SAAS Model SAAS Model

Product gives increased Scalability & anytime anywhere Accessibility with affordable Costs, Have lower learning curves and higher adoption rates.

Bus Router Bus Router

Leap towards student Safety and Accessibility of Bus on the move with integrated Bus Router and breaking barriers of conventional methods

Smart Time-Table

Smart Time-Table

Designed to permit virtual scheduling

Smart Time-Table features a vital, yet simple interface, specifically designed to permit virtual scheduling at schools. Fortified with an amalgamation of timetabling paraphernalia it optimizes time, space, motion and people to efficiently leverage limited resources. Try any combination of tutors, sections, students and room sizes to optimize Smart Time-Table in real time. Create detailed reports on absentee educators, track appropriate substitutes, alert them and automatically generate overtime data.

1. Auto-Scheduling
Smart Time-Table facilitates you auto generation of schedule from preset inputs entered into the system.

2. Easy to Edit
Edit and create timetables manually according to your requirements in an easy to use interactive interface.

3. Track Absentee Instructors
Track absentees and instructions in the attendance database as it is integrated with leave approval system of Attendance Tracker.

4. Alert Substitute Teachers
Assign the right substitute teachers according to no. of substitutes taken, subjects- classes assigned, and informs them through Alerter by sending SMS's and e-mails.

5. Optional Subjects
It easily auto-create separate timetables for students who have taken up a particular optional subject.

6. Class-Wise Subject/Teacher Setting
Set class wise timetable according to subjects assigned and availability of teachers.

7. Resource
You can categorize as well subjects as compulsory, important, recreational, optional, add-on as per your requirement using various color codes and icons.

8. Label
Users can select an avatar to label each resource. Different avatar for teachers and students lets you communicate relevant label schedules to the right person.

9. At Glance Verification
Teachers can verify timetable at a glance after final commencement, check out for any conflicts and change it accordingly.

Administrative tasks of every school vary in their degree. Some schools need more advanced control or more comprehensive administrative management. All you need to do is to just drag and drop the desired Ready-to-Connect feature from the list and for a small charge it will be added to 3ischools.