3ischools Highlights

SAAS Model SAAS Model

Product gives increased Scalability & anytime anywhere Accessibility with affordable Costs, Have lower learning curves and higher adoption rates.

Bus Router Bus Router

Leap towards student Safety and Accessibility of Bus on the move with integrated Bus Router and breaking barriers of conventional methods



Centralized way to distribute daily assignments

Assignments offer a secure, centralized way to distribute daily home works exercises, assignments, worksheets, and supplementary materials across the students. The virtual file cabinet can store and share literally every kind of information in the multiple formats. You can add audio clips PDF's, doc files, video clips or website links to it. With drag-and-drop ease of operation and password-protected worksheets, this feature ensures that a student gets the required study material and work assignments even if he is absent making it must-have tool for any school. Students and parents can view and access worksheets anywhere from their KonnectSmart log in area.

1. Drag-and-Drop Operation
It's a child play to attach files in the worksheets, as you can simply drag and drop files to attach them.

2. Virtual File Cabinet
Virtual file cabinet is designed to store any type of document pertinent to student and his curriculum. Pile up any kind of file including worksheets, sound clips and pictures. It allows you to store website links, video clips, audio clips, lectures and resources.

3. Automatic Mode
Worksheets are able to use easy mode operations for uploading different types of files automatically. You can add any document such as word doc, power point presentation or PDF document without any extra effort.

4. Follow Up
Documents follow up students, teachers and parents and remains throughout the school year in their log in area, so that they can view them whenever required.